In response to questions about how the best results can be achieved with the use of our products, one of our hairdressers wrote down how she works. Hopefully you will find useful tips and tricks here.
She has described below how she works - in the shower; of course with all three products: the cleanser (sulfate-free shampoo), the moisturizer and the curl crème.

The cleanser:
  • I wash my hair 2x with the cleanser - apply only to the scalp. While rinsing I put my head back and rinse with lukewarm water. You now automatically clean the rest of your hair because they now come into contact with the cleanser. Then I hang my head down and rinse the last layer of cleanser with cold water. This way you immediately close the scales and reduce fluff!
The moisturizer: The most important part to control fluff.
  • Always apply the moisturizer (also the curl crème) to soaking wet hair.
  • I have long hair and therefore divide my hair into two parts. I fasten the top part on top of my head with a clamp.
  • I work my way up to the head from the points. I knead (crunch) the product firmly upwards in my hair. Comb it through and crunch again.
  • The second part I treat the same. Hit your top layer well and remember: where there is no product, fluff is created again!
  • I throw everything down and crunch everything through my hair again. Combing (wide toothed or with your fingers), pressing and squeezing. My hair is still soaking wet (by pressing I lose moisture but that's okay).
  • Then I feel my curls as if I still find a place that feels dry / rough. For this I take the nebulizer or I dilute a little bit of moisturizer with water and treat that rough spot where there is still nothing (for making our self-made product for the nebulizer, please refer to our tutorial on our website or facebook).
  • After this I do not rinse my hair, I leave the moisturizer on. Depending on your curls (how damaged / dry / fluffy they are), you can rinse the moisturizer completely, a little or not. This is a matter of experimentation.
The curl definer:
  • You apply the curl definer after the moisturizer. For shoulder-length hair, you will need about 1.5 teaspoons of curlf definer.
  • Divide the curl definer over both hands and apply it, if necessary diluted with some water, to the roots. Divide what is left over the rest of your hair. After this you crunch your curls.
  • The curl definer can form a so-called 'cast'. This cast crunches out of your hair when they are 100% dry. They then become wonderfully soft again, but the volume and crunch remain.
  • So you should not rinse the curl definer.
  • Experience what you like in terms of reinforcement, volume and bounce. Adjust the quantities to what you find desirable and experiment with this.
The curl crème:
  • Hang down and take a quantity of curl crème the size of € 1 (maybe 50 cents or € 2 for you, you should try that out because this is different for everyone).
  • Knead the curl crème again in your hair and divide it / comb and crunch, crunch and crunch. Knead the moisture out.
  • I still hang down. Then I take a hydrophilic cloth (or an old cotton T-shirt) and pat / crunch the moisture from my hair with care. You can very lightly place the T-shirt or the hydrophilic cloth around your hair. Do not wring, do not twist the cloth.
  • Come on up again.
  • Now you decide whether to crunch, curl or twirl your curls.
  • For me, twisting is the best way. I turn the curls, press them and put them in the diffuser with my head down or sideways.
  • Cold setting, slow drying is best for my curls. Air drying is the other option.
  • You can pop too. In the evening wash your hair, care and with a cotton
  • T-shirt around your head to bed. I would only recommend this if you have a mega forest. If you are interested in this, ask for the tutorial.
  • NO MORE DURING YOUR CURLS WHILE DRYING !! You then mess up the process and fixation!
  • While drying, I see that a tuft dries a bit fluffy, I take the nebulizer and spray it nicely on my curl. Smells so delicious too!
  • Only when your curls are 90% dry can you get your curls. Preferably only when they are completely dry.
  • If you want volume, put your hands in your hair up to your scalp and shake your hair or separate them one by one from your scalp.
  • For more volume, use a small backcombing brush with which you only backcomb the roots, spray some drying paint on it and let it dry for a while. Place hands in your curls against the scalp and massage lightly over your skin.
  • In the evening I sleep with a pineapple on my head or a low bun on my neck.
  • In the morning I experience some fluff, I take the nebulizer (with our self-made product) and I treat the tufts that are fluffy. I inject the pick, make sure there is product everywhere and then I turn or crunch the pick.
No more sitting on it - let it dry with the diffuser or air - done!

It's a long story but that's how it should be and that's how I treat my curls. This is quickly becoming a routine! On our facebook or website you will find different tutorials for different types of curls (from type 1 to type 4).
If your hair feels greasy or limp, you have used too much product. If your hair is still frizzy, you have not used enough moisturizer.
The longer you use the products, you will notice that your hair becomes healthier and you need less of the products. You will have to rinse the moisturizer because otherwise your hair will become oily.

If you have styled your hair a lot, realize that your hair may be very damaged. Pull a rubber band 30 times and it will snap, this includes your hair. Styling it damages and breaks it down. It is important that you take good care of your hair. Long-term use of our products will contribute to repair and proper care of your damaged hair. And not more styles in between, because then the process starts all over again.
In addition, I go to a curly hairdresser. Not every hairdresser is a trained curly hairdresser and has an understanding of curls. Cutting curls is a profession in itself.
Enjoy controlled chaos.

Team Curls Control


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